Washington Ceasefire is still censoring

Washington Ceasefire has yet to remove the censorship bans on any of the people we have received reports from.  What do these people gain from oppressing conversation that they have asked for?  If you review the interview with Washington Ceasefire's own Ralph Fascitelli and listen to his comment at  1:40 "We're trying to raise awareness and start a conversation that is going to lead to a safer society" but they're actively engaging in censorship so those types of conversations cannot take place.  These are cowardly and hypocritical methods to conducting conversations because they only allow those that are sided with them to have a voice on their facebook page.  

All we ask for is to openly engage groups such as Washington Ceasefire in conversation but they would rather chose to oppress than to converse.  

As to the evil which results from a censorship, it is impossible to measure it, for it is impossible to tell where it ends. ~ Jeremy Bentham