This site was created in response to the non-profit organization Washington Ceasefire's deliberate act of censorship on their facebook page.   Members of our crew had made a few comments on their facebook page but none of the comments were abusive or contained personal attacks towards any of the people responding on their page.  As we were reading through others comments on the page we come across one that said "...all this good info will just be deleted and banned." and we though that was odd so we saved the page "just in case".  Sure enough, the next time one of our crew went back to the page, all of the comments that opposed their ideology of promoting gun control had been deleted.  We were outraged by this kind of censorship so we were compelled to expose this atrocity to the right of free speech that the 1st amendment of our constitution protects and so the Washington Ceasefire is LAME facebook page was born.  We wouldn't have been so outraged if they had only censored comments that were abusive or attacked others engaging in open discussion on the issues of gun rights and gun controls but they censored all comments that opposed their message.  

We have been contacted by a few in private (we prefer to keep all communication in the open) suggesting that they have a right to "moderate" their page as they see fit but we do not agree with that.  They have sought out to create a page on a public social media site and they have a responsibility to allow everyone to express their views even if the views being expressed do not match what Washington Ceasefire's views are.  They should not have setup a page on a social media website if they did not want to have people freely express their views and beliefs on that page.  They even go as far as to have a message on their facebook "About" page that says "PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to strike or delete any content posted to this page for any reason and without notice. Please respect our page and we'll respect your postings.".  This message simply says that they will censor any post they want regardless if the post contained abusive or attacking content.  This is not acceptable.

Does our society really benefit from an organization such as Washington Ceasefire that promotes and engages in acts that rob us of our rights protected by the 1st and 2nd amendments to the constitution.  We leave that to you to decide.